Safety indication

Important advice on using permanent magnets and magnetic systems. All employees who work with magnetic material have to know and pay regard to this advice!

Risk of injury, therefore work only with safety gloves, safety goggles or other safety precautions

The pull and push forces of magnets represent a possible source of danger. Sinter magnets are hard, brittle and crack into a lot sharp-edged pieces when colliding with each other.

There is an risk of injury caused by splinter and bruise.

Explosion and fire hazard!

Caution! Don't use magnets in explosive areas because colliding magnets can cause spark. That applies to mechanical handling too.

Hazards caused by magnetic fields: Keep a safe distance!

Strong magnetic fields can destroy magnetic data mediums and either destroy or disrupt electronical or mechanical devices. That applies to pacemakers as well! The required safe distance can be found in devices user guides.

Storage and transport advice!

We recommend dry storage to avoid oxidation. For air cargo shipment we would like to refer to the IATA dangerous goods regulation.

Influence on humans!

As we know, it is completely safe to touch magnetic material.

Persons with allergical reactions on ceramic and metallic raw material can expect similar reactions with magnetic raw material. Therefore they should not work without safety precautions.

We are not aware of any other negative influence of magnetic fields on the human body.

If you have any questions on how to work with magnetic material, feel free to contact us.

Hereyou can find a printable PDF version of the Safety indications.