NdFeB magnets

This anisotropic material offers the highest Energy Product (BHmax). The latest grades have reached Energy Product levels of 53MGOe (422kJ/m3) and HcJ values greater than 35kOe (2786kA/m), permitting applications up to 220°C and more. But even at lower temperatures, depending on the magnets geometry and the magnetic circuit design, a certain level of irreversible losses may occur during the very first operating cycles, in addition to the reversible losses given by the Temperature Coefficient of Br (-0,12%/°C).Despite constant improvement, NdFeB remains susceptible to corrosion, therefore a protective coating is always recommended. NdFeB magnets follow a powder metallurgy manufacturing process where the alloy is melted from the raw materials, crushed, milled, pressed under orientation field, sintered and machined to the final shape by cutting and grinding processes allowing high precision tolerances. There are generally no specific tooling costs associated. Because of the extremely strong magnetic field, special cares are mandatory while handling and assembling magnetized parts.

Euromagnete usually offers nickel-plated N35 versions as they are sufficient for most applications and have the best cost/benefit ratio. On request we can also supply other grades and coatings.This applies to other dimensions and tolerances as well. Just contact us and we can help you with your order.

A complete overview of the available raw material can be found in our Technical Data Sheet for NdFeB magnets.