AlNiCo deep pot magnets

Pot magnets with an AlNiCo core in a steel pot. These shielded systems only adhere to a grinded pole face. To get full advantage of the declared holding forces it is recommended to stick the holding surface out of the mounting surface for approximately 1,5-2 mm, or alternatively lower the holding surface around the mounting borehole for 3-4mm. This holding magnets are available with a polished diameter with fitting tolerance h6, optional galvanized with or without internally threaded bore.

The maximum operating temperature for AlNiCo pot magnets is 500 °C.

All specifications are in mm. The magnets can be cut by the measure h on the opposite site of the holding surface, without decreasing the adhesive force. The adhesive forces will be reached under defined test conditions (soft iron plate with thickness of 10mm). Expect smaller adhesive forces in different test conditions such as smaller thicknesses, painted surfaces or pinholes.

A complete overview of the available magnet systems can be found in our Technical Data Sheet for AlNiCo pot magnets.
AlNiCo deep pot magnet with fitting tolerance

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AlNiCo deep pot magnet galvanized

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AlNiCo deep pot magnet with internal thread

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