AlNiCo Magnets

AlNiCo (an alloy of aluminum, nickel, cobalt and iron) is the oldest known magnetic material. The first isotropic magnets were manufactured in the early 30s, the anisotropic followed a few years later. This alloy is typically manufactured by casting technology. For special magnet shapes, it is possible to use the sintering process. The maximum operating temperature for AlNiCo magnets is 500° C. It is corrosion resistant (coatings such as electrosilvering only have aestheticreasons). A further important characteristic of AlNiCo is the high remanence induction which is facing the very low coercive force. Therefore it is mainly used in regions with temporarily demagnetization such as magnetic chucks or lifting magnets). Another operating area is the sensor technology. Because of the low coercive force it is recommended to have a length / diameter ratio of 4 to 1 when used in an open magnetic circuit. Smaller sizes should be magnetized directly after the installation in to the application.

The magnetic minimum values and an overview of our AlNiCo product range can be found in our Technical Data Sheed for AlNiCo magnets.

The curie temperatures are at 800 ° C to 850 ° C, the specific density is at 7,3 g/cm³.

More AlNiCo magnets are available on request.